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Day of Surgery


Please follow this checklist of important things to do on the day of your surgery.

  • Take a Hibiclens shower if one was not taken the night before.
  • If you typically take heart and blood pressure medications in the morning, please take them with a sip of water but do not eat or drink anything else until cleared to do so after surgery.
  • Your surgeon will let you know when this is safe and instruct you on advancing your diet or concerning any diet modifications that may be necessary after your procedure.
  • Do not shave or perform any shaving or hair removal on yourself. If this is necessary it will be taken care of in the operating room prior to beginning the operation. Research shows following this guideline will reduce the risk of infection associated with the operation.
  •  Usually the only antibiotics necessary are given by the anesthesiologist immediately before the operation starts. Research shows this timing provides optimal benefit and that additional doses do not provide added benefit for most surgical cases.



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