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Life After Weight-loss Surgery


Weight-loss surgery is not a cure for obesity, but rather a tool to help you lose weight and live a healthier, longer, more fulfilling life. Success depends on your commitment to follow guidelines for diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.


Methodist Mansfield Minimally Invasive Surgical Associates offers follow-up care and continuing education to help you achieve long-term success.


Support groups: These meetings are usually led by dietitians for patients who have completed or are about to undergo surgery. Topics discussed range from healthy recipes to solutions to common problems.


Vitamins: We recommend that patients who have had weight-loss surgery take vitamins on a regular basis. Your surgeon and dietitian will discuss supplement options with you.


Returning to work: When you can return to work depends on your overall state of health and physical condition before surgery. Many patients return to work two weeks after surgery with some activity restrictions; however, some need additional time of up to two more weeks. Returning to your full strength varies from person to person, but typically takes about six weeks.


Lifestyle: You have undergone major surgery to help achieve weight loss and a healthy body mass index (BMI). This was a big decision, and now you have a commitment to a new way of life. We hope that you support your chances for success by establishing routines in your life such as counting calories and regular exercise.


Every day should be a reflection of a new attitude that you are important and your health matters. Stay involved in the hobbies, activities, and groups that you enjoy. Stay engaged in activities and behaviors that remind you of your weight-loss goals and encourage your new lifestyle.


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